Graphics, Capture and Massively Parallel Computing

Graphics, Capture and Massively Parallel Computing

The main focus of our research interest is the development of digitization methods for all aspects of the real world. This includes capturing geometry, surface color and several other attributes, e.g. reflectance properties of objects. Most of our methods perform the reconstruction solely on photographs that have been taken under controlled conditions (such as constant lighting and known camera parameters). Our latest developments, however, are capable of dealing with photos taken under uncontrolled conditions, for example images from community photo collections such as flickr.

Beyond that, we are interested in massively parallel computing to exploit the full potential of nowadays graphics hardware to solve computationally expensive problems in various areas, for example visual computing and bio informatics.


  • mapMAP source code released

    We just released the (CPU) source code of our high-performance MAP solver under a liberal open source license. To access code and the corresponding paper, head over to the mapMAP project page.

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