Non-rigid Structure from Motion and Multi-View Matching (BSc / MSc)

Thesis Introduction

Image-based, multi-view 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes is a challenging task which our research group wants to tackle in the near future. The basic idea is that a 3D scene model (e.g. textured triangle mesh) is reconstructed for an image set from an uncontrolled capture setup. Uncontrolled setup hereby entails various challenges like deforming objects, changing illumination, varying and irregular scene surface sampling, unknown camera intrinsics and extrinsics etc. Our group developed the in-house 3D reconstruction pipeline MVE (abbreviation for Multi-View Environment) which handles most of the previously mentioned challenges. The pipeline separates the problem of image-based, multi-view 3D reconstruction into the following sub problems: Structure from Motion (SfM), Multi-View Stereo (MVS), Surface Reconstruction (SR) and Texture Reconstruction (TR), see Fig. 1.

Our SfM implementation takes as input a set of images and outputs image features (SIFT, SURF), matches the found features to compute corresponding feature tracks and finally estimates camera parameters and a sparse point cloud via these tracks to represent the capture process and the scene, see Fig. 2.

Having registered cameras and a sparse scene representation from SfM enables MVS to estimate a depth map containing per-pixel camera to scene distances for each image (with a registered camera). SR fuses those depth map estimates into a globally consistent 3D model. Eventually, TR reconstructs sharp, high-resolution and consistent surface textures for its input 3D scene model.

However, MVE cannot reconstruct dynamic scenes containing deforming objects, such as plants, cloth, persons, paper etc. The pipeline focuses on static scenes and does neither model rigidly moving nor deforming objects. The goal of this thesis is to extend our SfM and MVS steps to enable accurate and robust depth map reconstruction for dynamic scenes.

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