Open Positions

Ph.D. and Postdoc positions in Graphics, Capture and Massively Parallel Computing – ongoing

I am continuously looking for excellent Ph.D. candidates and Postdocs to work on a variety of topics within the scope of the research group. These include but are not limited to the intersection of graphics and vision, perception, games, as well as massively parallel and high performance computing on GPUs and other novel accelerator architectures. The latter topics are often embedded into collaborations (e.g., with the Bioinformatics group of Prof. Hamacher or the Graduate School of Computational Engineering).


The Graphics, Capture and Massively Parallel Computing group worksat the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and high performance computing. Recent research projects cover various aspects of surface and scene capture, internet-scale vision, and massively-parallel computing. The group interacts closely and offers a young and friendly, yet competitive team with many international contacts in academic and industrial research. Our goal is to publish at the leading international venues in the respective fields (see the list of publications for a good overview).

TU Darmstadt is one of the leading technical universities in Germany. Its computer science department consistently ranks among the top 5 in Germany. TU Darmstadt offers a quite unique environment for research in computer vision and computer graphics with 3 full-time faculty and 2 adjunct faculty in vision and graphics, and ample interaction across the group boundaries. Our groups are located in/near the facilities of the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics.

Darmstadt is a very livable medium-size city in the Rhein-Main metropolitan area very close to Frankfurt.


We are looking for PostDocs and PhD students with excellent analytical skills that are highly-motivated, curious, and creative. PostDoc applicants should demonstrate an internationally visible research record in computer vision and/or computer graphics, with publications in the leading venues. PhD applicants should have a Master's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, or a closely related field with an outstanding academic record. A background in computer vision, computer graphics, and/or machine learning is a plus, but more importantly solid mathematical and programming skills are required. Knowledge of German is not required, but strong English skills are expected.


Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Prof. Michael Goesele at . Applicants should describe their motivation for applying, and include a CV and all relevant transcripts with grades. PostDoc applicants should additionally include a publication list, 3 selected publications, and the names and contact information of at least two references. PhD applicants should additionally include name and contact information of at least one reference (such as the Master's thesis supervisor) and, if applicable, information on prior research experience.

Research assistant positions (“wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte”) – ongoing

I am constantly looking for students interested in a longer-term (i.e., 1 year or more) job as research assistant (“wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft”) in my group. These positions are open to current students of TU Darmstadt and (in exceptional cases) students of other universities in the Darmstadt area. Research assistants are typically fully integrated into the research group and have the opportunity to actively contribute to current research projects and publications. Good programming skills (ideally in C/C++) are required. Knowledge in graphics, vision and/or massively parallel computing is welcome but not required (especially for students still in the Bachelor phase).

In addition to this broad call for applications, we are currently looking for research assistants working on following specific topics:

  • administration of the group's hardware and software infrastructure
  • support of the group's secretary Ursula Paeckel in all areas

Interested students should contact Samir Aroudj who coordinates recruitement of research assistants or Prof. Michael Goesele at . Applicants should briefly describe their motivation for applying, and include a CV and all relevant transcripts with grades.