Bionigma is a serious game for solving and improving Protein Multiple Sequence Alignments (MSA). By representing the alignment problem in form of a puzzle game, Bionigma enables even non-experts to improve Protein MSAs by just playing and having fun. The game runs on several platforms and can be played completely free of charge. Please visit for further information including download links.


  • A level at game start
  • The solved and improved level

Serious Games for Bioinformatics

Bionigma is developed within the interdisciplinary research project Serious Games for Bioinformatics supported by the Forum for interdisciplinary Research (FiF). The following groups cooperate in the development of the game:


Serious Games for Solving Protein Sequence Alignments – Combining Citizen Science and Gaming
Martin Hess, Josef Wiemeyer, Kay Hamacher, Michael Goesele.
In: Proceedings of GameDays 2014, 2014, Springer LNCS 8395, pages 175-185.
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