Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

Winter Semester 2016/2017

“20-00-0604-se Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics”

Course Content

  • Basics of scientific presentations and reviewing
  • Independent familiarization with current publications in computer graphics (in English)
  • Further research on background literature, with help from a mentor
  • Preparation of a two-part slide presentation (problem statement and proposed solution) of one publication, with feedback from mentor
  • Writing a scientific “mock” review of another publication, with aid from mentor
  • Giving the presentation in front of a mixed audience
  • Guiding the interactive discussion after both presentation parts
  • Active participation in discussions, including feedback to presenters

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the seminar, students are able to use recent scientific publications to become acquainted with current topics in computer graphics in an independent fashion. They can recognize the key contributions of the publications and are able to present them to a heterogeneous audience, taking into account good practices of scientific presentation. They can direct a scientific discussion following the presentation. Moreover, they are able to author a scientific review following common standards of the scientific review process.


Foundations in Computer Graphics, e.g. Computer Graphics I or Computer Vision I

Further Grading Information

Seminar 3CP/2SWS

Course Type: Seminar (S2)
Turnus: irregular
Time: Tuesday, 13:30 – 15:10 in S305|073
Begin: Tuesday 18.10.2016
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Goesele
Assistant: M.Sc. Martin Heß