Programming Massively Parallel Systems

20-00-0763 Project Lab Programming Massively Parallel Systems (P6)

In this project lab groups of students work on selected topics of massively parallel programming. Project results will be presented in a talk at the end of the lab. The topics addressed in the project lab change every semester.

Topics are selected from a wide range of research fields, e.g.

  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Computer Graphics
  • Bio Informatics
  • Automated Performance Optimization
  • Simulation

How many and which sub-projects will be addressed depends on the number of participants and will be determined at the beginning of the project lab. Open problems can be solved in upcoming semesters or as part of a bachelor or master's thesis. The results of the project lab should ideally be published in a scientific publication.

Please contact the lecturer or assistants for further details.


  • CUDA programming (e.g. lecture PMPP)
  • basic parallel algorithms and concepts (reduction, prefix sum, sorting, …)
  • basic principles in computer graphics
  • very good programming skills in C/C++

BE ADVISED! All projects have to be explicitly programmed in CUDA. We will not teach CUDA nor any of the other prerequisites in this lab. Please attend the lecture PMPP if you do not fulfill the requirements.

Course Type: Project Lab (P6)
Turnus: Summer Semester
Time: 11:40 – 13:20 in S305/073
Begin: Tuesday 12.04.2016
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Goesele
Assistant: M.Sc. Nicolas Weber
Slides: Introduction